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Friday, December 23, 2011

Make Money from 100% free program.

In this website I going to share with on how you can earn extra poket money from 100% free program. You just follow step by step that being proposed here, then sooner or later you start receive you income. Its not much, but i will ensure you that its growing. Another thing here, I will show on how you can promote you program with autopilot way.

Before that, we will talk about genuine free  program that 100% pay as per their promise. If you have experience enough in this field, you will agree with me that if one good free program appear in internet, it will accompanied with 60 scam free programs.

Here are the several method that you can do to prevent you from sinking in free, wasting time and scam program.

How to choose genuine
1. check in internet such as in forum.
Just simply go to google.com and find forum where people talking about that program.

2. Follow someone that you trust and already received income and get paid for some times. It will save a lot of your time on searching genuine programs.

Here I would like to propose to you a free program which I have received payment from them several times.

Program's name:

1. This is a free program that will pay you by reading addvertisment email.

2. They also give you FREE $5 just by sign up with them.

3. This program come with own affiliate system, where they will pay you until 2 level deep in your network. 1st level is those who sign up through your Hits4Pay affiliate link. The breakdown of commission payments are as below:

 a. You will earn up to $0.02 for each email that you personally read.
 b. You will earn $0.01 for each validated email that your direct referrals read. - 1st Level.
 c. You will earn $0.01 from each validated email that your direct referral's referral reads. - 2nd Level.

Seems not much right?  Thats right! It is not much, but I bet you, what ever program thats come with affiliate, you can earn very lucrative income if you know how to do it.

How they pay ?
They pay through paypal, if you have collected more than $25, then they will pay. Cut-off will be on 1st of every months and payment will be made on or around the 15th of that month. If you still do not have PayPal account, then you should get it one here. Its FREE. Click Here

Whenever hit4pay make payments into your account, PayPal will notify you by email. Below are notification examples that you will receive via email:

How to Join this program?
Just simply click link below and put your email.
Then you are on in this program and will earn $5.00 for free.

What you must do next?
Whenever you received from email Hit4Pays with the subject:
You Have Got New Paid Emails Waiting In Your Hits4Pay Account!
then you must open it, read for your Paid Ads>New Paid Ads

How to promote and expand your affiliate?
First, you must have a website like this. Without a website, you can not or difficult to disseminate and explain to others. For those who know to build your website, make one like this. For those who do not know, you only need to fill out the form below to enter the correct email. I will make this website with your own affiliate information for free. Simply fill up form below to get free website like this:

Hits4pay Username

How to promote your website?
Once you have you own promotion web from me (through email), then you can use

1. Youtube to spread your link forever. How?
a. You must have Youtube account. For those who still have no account yet, applyhere.

b. Download any popular video from youtube.

c. Upload back that video, and put your promotion link in
annotation and discription box.
Create at least 50 videos and let it promote you link for years or forever.

2.Use website/blog/banner
Put banner in your website. You can get it by
Login>Resources>Approve Affiliate Ads>Banner Ads
Below are the sample of banner that available.

Start collecting your income today.
Thank You.

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